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Nitrous oxide emissions jeopardizing global climate goals, study finds

Nitrous oxide emissions jeopardizing global climate goals, study finds

A major study has found that the growing use of nitrogen fertilizers in global food production is increasing atmospheric levels of nitrous oxide – a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide and remains in the atmosphere for over 100 years. It is now jeopardizing the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. The study involved scientists from 48 research institutions in 14 countries.

Doug 0 months

Living a 'cleaner' lifestyle isn't what needs to be addressed. The exploding human population that is impossible for the earth to sustain is the problem that needs to be addresses.

Chaos 0 months

@ Doug, yes we need to stop breeding like Jack rabbits. Population management is needed.

Montgomery 0 months

I am so tired of these vegans killing the planet. They are literally the worst

Satan411 0 months

I'm just going to pretend that climate change is a hoax because some scientists in 1990 made some wrong predictions. Because you know computers haven't gotten faster or climate models more sophisticated and accurate in 30 years.

kinG 0 months

I have seen Trump supporters comment on every post but the science ones... It's nice over here, I think I'll stay here. 🛌🏽

Garthak 0 months

Vegans, stop killing the planet.

Karl S
Karl S 0 months

Global warming that us 300 times more dangerous that regular global warming. You are all going to die in 10 years (for the 3rd time) but 300 times faster!

Janice 0 months


Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

But but but "muh carbon emissions"???

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