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US to review dark history of indigenous boarding schools

US to review dark history of indigenous boarding schools

The government has announced it will investigate its history of Indian boarding schools and work to identify children who died in the institutions. As per the Dept. of Interior, the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative will seek to identify boarding school facilities and sites as well as the location of burial sites near or at the facilities. Interior Secy. Haaland announced the initiative.

Jon 0 months

Or possibly we can just move on towards that bright future where it is 2021 and we can all work to better ourselves and our nation.

B. T.
B. T. 0 months

Is it not too late for most of this stuff, are we really using resources we have little of to investigate something that will have no effect to anyone? Maybe we should help the reservations with my people who are alive than worry about the ones who are dead.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 0 months

Who cares? What’s the point of self-flagellation all of the time? Let’s just work towards the future and make America great!

Randall 0 months

The truth must be known.

Djjfxb 0 months

Remember, people of colour never did any of this!

Seekster 0 months

Thats not a bad idea but a better idea would be allowing tribes to develop their tribal lands without needing permission from the Federal Government.

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