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Biden plans commission to study Supreme Court

Biden plans commission to study Supreme Court

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden said that he would appoint a commission which would be tasked to study the US court system, and would make recommendations for reform. The ’national commission’ would be a ’bipartisan commission of scholars, constitutional scholars, Democrats, Republicans, liberal, conservative,’ Mr. Biden said. He also said that the court system was getting ’out of whack’

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

It would be interesting to watch this. The commission makes recommendations to the legislature, the legislature makes new laws, the SCOTUS swats them all down. Wash, rinse, repeat.

John W
John W 0 months

Biden says the USA was "an idea we never lived up to. " Yet takes millions from the Communist Chinese. Hunter biz partner confirms email, details Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China: Goodwin Hunter Biden’s ‘don’t mention Joe’ ex-partner to be Trump’s debate guest

Jonathan 0 months

The legislative and executive branches need to overhaul the judicial branch for the crime McConell has done. Conservatives are the minority in this country, but you wouldn’t know it by how loud they are. The fact that the majority of republican senators represent this minority is remarkable. Tar and feathers comes to mind when thinking about conservatives.

Tony 0 months

Dog whistle.

Jim 0 months

A preview of a Biden presidency, a commission, really ?

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