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Portland, New York, Seattle sue Trump over federal funding, ’anarchy’ label

Portland, New York, Seattle sue Trump over federal funding, ’anarchy’ label

Portland, New York City, and Seattle are suing the US government for labeling the cities ’anarchist jurisdictions’ as well as its efforts to stop their federal funding. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said Trump’s threats against Seattle and others are an abuse of federal power. He said, ’It’s immoral, unconstitutional, and shameful that we are forced to expend any resources on this political theater.’

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

It’s like this; you had the resources to stop the destruction of your cities legally in the form of police and state militia, but you held them back. You kept them from doing their job and things got broken. You were paid tax money already to have and use those resources to protect people and stuff, but you didn’t. Now you want paid - by people in other states- to clean up the mess. Nah, doesn’t work like that. This is your fault, your problem, you caused this and let it happen. Learn from your mistake, don’t expect us to pay for your incompetence.

ben 0 months

join in, by all means so we know which cities to never fund...F the Dems.

Jarrett 0 months

So you sit back and let cites burn, let these groups take over parts of your city, restrict the cops from stopping the violence and refuse federal help then you want money to fix your city?? Violence in the vast majority of repulican cities was stopped swiftly.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Biden showed his disconnect again when he defended those areas by saying we shouldn't be red states or blue states and should help each other. Look at an electoral map, Joe. Red states far outnumber the blue states and all those red states have no reason to bail out officials who allow their cities to burn unnecessarily. Do you punish all your kids because one had a tantrum?

John 0 months

When you permit nightly riots for three months, how does the term "anarchist jurisdiction" not apply?

Rocket 0 months

Hilarious to watch these Leftist politicians try and justify the MOB VIOLENCE, leading to ARSON, PRIPERRY DAMAGE, LOOTING & MURDER in their cities, while trying to convince the general public "peaceful protests" were taking place. It's typical of these Leftist Clowns to try and deflect attention from their derelict decisions.

GreenMachine 0 months

So it's to much federal power to stop you from getting federal dollars but want too much power to give them to you in the first place. I think it's unconstitutional to fund states for non-emergency items. When the constitution was drafted the idea was to give the federal government just enough power to protect the nation as a whole, adjudicate interstate concerns, ensure rights of all citizens regardless of what state they live in.

Billy 0 months

These very riots and the local gov't in charge are the EXACT reason I changed from a lifelong Democrat and decided that the Republicans were the only ones acting with empathy and dignity. I doubt that I will regret this decision because Trump did everything but beg these Democratic Mayors and Governors to let him send the National Guard. They repeatedly said no no no. We will handle it. These are just normal little protests yet the news showed hundreds of people looting, burning, frightening elderly people with threats. In normal Americans eyes ALL we could see was anarchy being led on by the Mayors, Governors, but their plan backfired. They are the ones that should be sued and take responsibility for their citizens who counted on them. Trump did EVERYTHING he could. I applaud him for that.

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