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Police Unions accused of bullying politicians

Police Unions accused of bullying politicians

With conflicts between the police, legislators and protesters increasingly making it to the headlines, police unions have been accused of deploying social media campaigns to vilify and intimidate reform-minded legislators. Such unions have also been accused of exploiting racialized law-and-order rhetoric to polarize the public. The goal allegedly is to preserve job security and scarce oversight.

ben 0 months

Total BS. Fund and support the Blue Line!

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

So politicians can defund the police and call for them to be disbanded but if the police stand up for themselves, they are 'bullies'?

endubito 0 months

Single source from a rag Ive never heard of. Yeah, its the over funded police unions buying politicians. Sure.

Vincent 0 months

Cops don't want to be held accountable to anyone. Look at Black Lives Matter. They're not even asking for anything to do with the bribe taking and endemic corruption. All they want is to not be murdered or tortured to death right in public while the other cops stand by and shield the torturers and the cops cant stand it. I've seen the videos of cops attacking peaceful protestors right out in the open. It terrifies millions of honest Americans like me just thinking of what these people must be doing in hiding.

Chris 0 months

Soooo you want police that are basically your whipping boy? Not cool.

Trevelyn 0 months

This is horse shit .Politicans are attacking police . They are jeopardizing public safety. Truth is they do not care .

Mac 0 months

How dare black people not want to be killed, what thugs they are! We really need to lock them up, the audacity to not willingly be shot and just accept their fate is disgusting right? Wake up black people, getting indiscriminately murdered isn't that bad

Jonathan 4 weeks

Get rid of the police union system as a whole, and rewrite the bylaws so that it’s police/citizen friendly. Meaning ...their board of directors are citizens and not police officers. Also, they need to change the hiring policies as well, as many police officers IQs are not what they used to be.

Rocket 3 weeks

Radical Leftists used their front-end thugs with clever names like "ANTIFA" & "Black Lives Matter" so they would have a preemptive excuse to Riot, Assault, Intimidate, commit Assault, Arson, Murder, and mass property destruction. Because anyone that disagreed with the ANTIFA/BLM Violence, could instantly be labeled as "racist." Let's face it, a majority of the country was able to easily find thousands of videos documenting the Burn. Loot. Murder actions taken by these VIOLENT LEFTIST MARXISTS.

Miranda 0 months

And in other news the sky is blue

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