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Eric Adams takes lead in NYC mayor race

Eric Adams takes lead in NYC mayor race

Andrew Yang, who led the polls in the New York mayoral election in the early months of the race, conceded defeat on Tuesday night, after results from the first vote count showed him slumping and former police officer Eric Adams in the lead. On Wednesday morning Adams was at 31.7% with 84% of early and on-the-day votes counted, with Maya Wiley, a progressive civil rights lawyer, trailing on 22.3%.

6Million$Mansplainer 0 months

Andy Wang was running in the same primary and had to concede. No one wants this guy anywhere.

Qanonsense 0 months

Yang mightve faired better if he didn't side with Israel. That was SUPER bad press for him.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Suggested headlines: * Yang has limp showing in mayoral bid * Yangus interuptus mayorus * Yang withdraws

Leland 0 months

You got that right. Yang has no Pazzaz…LOL

Madje 0 months

Sad. I like Andrew Yang.

Christian 0 months

Haha, nobody outside of the city cares about this guy, this is indirectly about Yang.

Toni 0 months

Basically Dems tryna position themselves as moderates. This will be the death of them.

woodchuck 00
woodchuck 00 0 months

Second place is a progressive civil rights lawyer? So people in New York City looked around at all the problems decided there is no need to change anything, perhaps they even have the opportunity to make things worse. Call me cynical but more people should probably leave New York City. I have lived in more right-wing cities which would give you a fine for the unsanitary Way New Yorkers throw out their trash.

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