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Landmark voting rights bill defeated in Senate

Landmark voting rights bill defeated in Senate

President Biden suffered a significant setback on Tuesday as one of his top priorities, a set of reforms to protect voting rights, was defeated in Congress. A Senate procedural vote on whether to start debate on sweeping election legislation ended as expected in a 50-50 stalemate along party lines. 60 votes had been required to overcome Republicans’ use of the filibuster.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

One citizen, one vote. Voter id. Full transparency on how the votes are collected and counted. It seems unbelievable to me that anyone can disagree with that.

E. V. Debs
E. V. Debs 0 months

I mean to be fair, the United States is more of an oligarchy than a democracy (or democratic republic if you prefer) anyway. In the grand scheme of things neither the For the People Act or the various Republican voting laws on the state level change that. All either does is increase one or the other party’s influence within the oligarchy, thereby changing who’s going to be lobbied and paid off the most.

Daniel 0 months

The bill was neither a “voting rights” bill or a “landmark” bill to boot.

jay 0 months

The honest truth is that the Dems never expected this to be passed. This was a message bill that they propped up to be defeated, so they can point to the Republican vote as a way to justify killing the filibuster rule. This isn't about voting rights either - it's about retention of political superiority. If Republican measures go through, the Dems will find their voters having a much harder time getting to the polls, thus threatening their grip on power. If voters end up with expanded rights as a result of these Democratic efforts, then that's coincidental, but the bill isn't designed with voting rights as the impetus.

Jon 0 months

The goal of a developed nation should be to expand voting to as many people as possible and getting as much participation as possible. Republicans would rather have an authoritarian style government

Jon 0 months

Which is exactly what it is for. Literally cause for the founding fathers to sit up and applaud in their graves. The slim majority cannot become a tyrrany as long as checks and balances like the filibuster rule allow those that they would oppress to stand firm.

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 0 months

I want voting to be as difficult as getting alcohol.

Jon 0 months


bhp 0 months

Voting right bill? That's rich!

Hollowhammer 0 months

Thank God for the filibuster

Randall 0 months

No problem with voter ID. All voters should be living citizens. The problem is with voter suppression in high population areas making it much more difficult for legal citizens to vote. Those high population areas just happen to be a majority of democratic voters. If you want free and fair elections then stop with the voter suppression techniques.

Seekster 0 months

Good. Elections are state business.

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