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Columbia study blames White House for at least 130K ’avoidable’ COVID deaths

Columbia study blames White House for at least 130K ’avoidable’ COVID deaths

A new report by Columbia Univ. states that upwards of 130K coronavirus deaths were ’avoidable’ if President Trump and his administration had acted sooner and implemented widespread public health precautions. If ’the U.S. had followed Canadian policies and protocols, there might have only been 85,192 U.S. deaths,’ the authors state, pointing to what they called a ’hostility’ to critical guidance.

Blue 0 months

Is this a joke? I'm in Canada and we were way behind many other countries in the world including the United States in doing a damn thing about covid

M.A.D 0 months

Yeah, if Trump has been the Authoritarian Dictator the media claimed he was he could have passed unconstitutional edicts forcing Americans to shelter in place, or taken over PRIVATE businesses to control the means of producing PPE or a million other unconstitutional things, but we are a REPUBLIC which means the STATES had control. So shouldn’t this say if the Governors had listened and acted better? Worthless “study.” How about focusing on things that actually matter?

Jim 0 months

And not one of them caused by huge crowds of rioters gathering nightly to loot, burn and pillage. It’s amazing how the media and liberal groups, and that’s what colleges are, totally ignore all contributing factors for anything they deem justified. Trump rallies are deadly yet literally burning down cities has no impact right ?

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

Monday morning quarterbacks the lot of them, dealing in theoretical "ifs" or "should have dones" or some other kind of intangible standard of retrospective perfection. Federal response is to write a cheque, ask Cuomo how many nursing home residents died after they were ambulanced to the hospital oh wait he still won't release the numbers hmm gee...

Hypnotica 0 months

Wasnt it the Democrats and their media allies that downplayed covid saying the flu was worse, go party in Chinatown, and that banning travel to and from China was racist? Oh right it was!

David 0 months

Does that include China or is that a separate #, like the ones he caused in Europe?

Spank-O-Tron5000 0 months

That's been debunked for a long time now. It would be more accurate to blame Democrat run cities for 130K "avoidable Covid deaths".

Seekster 0 months

Hindsight is 20/20.

Rocket 4 weeks

...and in other news, Columbia University conducts a study on Malaria and because people died, they place all the blame on Donald Trump. "Columbia is a 'well respected' institution and we want to make sure that China and our other foreign 'donors' get their money's worth from our underutilized 'research' department. We've done 'ground breaking' studies such as the flow of Heinz ketchup at room temperature, how many times Anthony Weiner sexted underage girls and how often Jeffrey Toobin masturbated while on Zoom calls. We know without a doubt that if people died in the US, it's the President's fault," stated Joe Blow, the university's chancellor.

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