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Jon 0 months

It's almost as if it isn't a new unknown virus anymore, and we can look forward to going back to the REAL normal, where Communism doesn't work, the US is the bastion of freedom and prosperity, Capitalism raises people out of poverty, and work is the pastime of the virtuous. Now we just need to start repealing all the Covid-era authoritarianism. And take back Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Tibet.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 0 months

Don’t 99.97% of people recover just fine?

John W
John W 0 months

Infection fatality rate 0.33% The rates of deaths have been going down a lot because many of those that were going to die, died or got vaccine. Deaths are about 300 a day for entire usa. They did massive studies for antibodies vs deaths they found many more people were asymptomatic. So up to six times more people had it and didn't know. That brings down fatality rate way down.

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