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Hunter Biden’s ex business partner links Joe Biden to China deal

Hunter Biden’s ex business partner links Joe Biden to China deal

Tony Bobulinski, who was the CEO of a firm with Hunter Biden, has claimed that former Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a deal and got a cut of the action from China. Bobulinski also said that Mr. Biden is the ’big guy’ who was referred to in his son’s emails, and was set to get a 10% cut of the deal. Bobulinski said that the Chinese business was making ’a political or influence investment’

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 0 months

At the very least the evidence so far against Joe and Hunter Biden warrants a special prosecutor being brought in to investigate, we have the emails, we have the fact Hunter Biden's lawyer went out of his way to get the laptop back from the shop owner and we have Joe Biden successfully pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire the top prosecutor in the country who was investigating the board Hunter Biden sat on and now this.

Doug 0 months

Joe calls all this baseless yet two people have already verified the evidence released as accurate and authentic. That shows you why Joe is evil and is one the worst things to happen to the US. Enact term limits for Congress!

Glen 0 months

CNN and MSNBC think that this illegal behavior is okay as long as it's Demacrats committing the crime. If it was Trump, we would be hearing about it for the next 3 years.

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

Savage. Watch as Democrats here will whatabout or outright ignore this. I mean ANY level of democrat corruption is acceptable when turbo-Hitler Blanald Glumpf is ruling the USA with the reforged iron fist of every evil man in history right guys? RIGHT? ANY LEVEL IS OKAY COMPARED TO BLUMP

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

Raise your hand if you thought a NY paper would be the one to break this story? Yeah, me neither. This makes me wonder are there still journalists out there. Kudos, New York Post!

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

Bobulinski just about to make a statement live on Fox and is supposedly giving all his electronics to the FBI... going to be a great debate now lol. Biden gonna have a stroke on the stage.

John W
John W 0 months

More texts and emails came out today from business partner. A series of texts and emails about Hunter Biden's purported to involve his business operations came to light Thursday

david dindu
david dindu 0 months

No sources from the left. Even during the russia hoax the right was covering it. Sad

Come on Man!!
Come on Man!! 0 months

Newsvoice pulled my post because I suggested they were biased for not covering the hunter/joe Biden story much.

Randall 0 months

Does anyone actually think that this is unacceptable? That Trump doesn't do the same thing? China, Russia, Democrat, Republican? Biden, Trump? What's the difference?

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 0 months

The proof just keeps stacking higher and higher. How long can the left continue to pretend that this isnt real?

JustSomeGuy 0 months

How is this not the biggest story on here? This has the greatest implications of probably any single story this year,

Tiktator 0 months

Media will squash this till it blows up in their face

Adam 0 months

Come on man! The Dems need to remove Biden from the ticket now.

One US Man
One US Man 0 months

Cracks me up. In 1988 Joe lied while running for president and had to drop out. Here we go again

Arthur 0 months

Special Prosecutor!

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

LOL, please keep this up so conservatives just look crazier and crazier....

Tim 4 weeks

Not surprised ALL right wing news. SMH

michael 4 weeks

Eh, so what. Both candidates have shady deals. But one candidate threw out a pandemic playbook, refused to wear masks, and even after a white supremacist plot to kidnap a United States governor was foiled he continued to encourage chants of locking her up and "freeing" her state. After being asked to tell a different white supremacist group to stand down he told them instead to stand by. He gassed and assaulted peaceful protesters to take a photo op in front of a church he was not invited to. And Biden has finally admitted that the crime bill he helped pass was a mistake. When asked if he had any regrets about his handling of the ongoing pandemic,trump said "not much". I'm in the bottom tax bracket. My taxes went UP when trump cut taxes for the rich. And republicans don't even need to worry, Biden has decided to fill his cabinet with republicans. So it's not a choice between Democrats and republicans. It's a choice between corporate and fascist.

Jon 4 weeks

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