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Gilead’s remdesivir becomes first Covid-19 drug to get FDA approval

Gilead’s remdesivir becomes first Covid-19 drug to get FDA approval

The US Food and Drug Administration approved Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir to treat Covid-19 infection. In the process, it has become the first medicine for the novel coronavirus to obtain formal clearance from the regulator. It must be noted that the FDA had granted an emergency-use authorization for remdesivir earlier this year. Since then, it has been widely used in serious Covid-19 patients.

Matt 0 months

But ... but ... leftists can't be wrong ... ? They said follow the science, and that trump was wrong, but ... I wonder if they get other things wrong sometimes.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 0 months

But Cuomo said to not trust the FDA

Sigfried 0 months

10 hours up and no leftist commentary on a story that validates a claim by Trump? Seems legit.

Richard 0 months

So as usual President Trump was correct.

THC.. 0 months

I am sure Trump will bring this up sure he the debate.

TexasReb 0 months

I hope and pray that this China Pandemic results in big advances in Infectious Disease medicine in the way of Quick and Effective Theraputics and Vaccines for future calamities like this. In my opinion, this CCP created pandemic was a dry run at Biological Warfare waged by China upon the world.

Paul 0 months

For the Trumptards, read the article first and comprehend the article unless you are obviously illiterate. 50 countries have test the drug so no big surprise.

Jim 0 months

In other words, for those who hate Trump, he was used as a lab rat and you or your family will benefit from it

Rof 0 months

Fauci will be happy...

A 0 months

👍 👍 👍

Jim 0 months

Wow ! Translation of that is Trump was right

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Did they check with the 'experts' at Facebook and Twitter first?

Silvio A
Silvio A 0 months

Personally, I should not accept at the moment, to use this vaccine. I, really, have doubt regarding efficiency & risk. To much political advices and/or decisions influenced at my point of view the FDA to give green light for this Remdesivir!!!!

Oliver Biscuit
Oliver Biscuit 0 months

This is nice and all but where's the trillion dollars push to cure cancer?

Jack 0 months

I want regeneron!

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