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Walmart sues US govt in pre-emptive move in opioid abuse crisis

Walmart sues US govt in pre-emptive move in opioid abuse crisis

Walmart is suing US govt in a move pertaining to opioid abuse crisis. The govt is expected to take civil action against the company, seeking financial penalties, for its role in the crisis by filling opioid prescriptions. However, Walmart explains that the DOJ and Drug Enforcement Administration are blaming it for the govt’s own lack of regulatory and enforcement policies to curb the crisis.

Billy 0 months

This is totally ridiculous. They are given a prescription written by a medical Doctor and it is in no way Walmarts place to question that. They are only following the rules that they are expected to. Will they next look at a person and say "I don't think you are diabetic", so we are not filling this for you. The FDA needs to take responsibility and admit they were wrong! Oh, and all the money other people netted because of this. GO AFTER THEM.

IvoryDove 0 months

Meanwhile my 87 yr old father with a massive degenerative disc problem (hunchback and in constant pain) can't get hydrocodone without a federal review to ensure he doesn't get addicted to painkillers.

CJ 0 months

A tale of two kettles calling each other black.

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