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MyVoice 0 months

The deals were all crap. I avoided them as they were very poor value compared to normal days.

John 0 months

They make it out to be this huge sale but then the deals are trash. Unless it was an Amazon created product most of the deals only like 10% to 15% off. Also it seems like amazon or almost all companies have forgotten that we're currently going through an economic recession and most people dont have the money.

Qanonsense 0 months

I deliberately avoided prime day because of News voice's excessive prime day ad campaign... and also cause Bezos can S my D.

Outlaw 0 months

I use Honey to track prices. I do this for 50+ items that I may buy if the price is good enough. Not a single alert for either day. I also scrolled through the deals. Nothing jumped off the page as a gotta-have-it deal...

Rick 0 months

How is this news or newsworthy?

Hello and Goodbye
Hello and Goodbye 0 months

Good. Let those poor Amazon workers rest. JB can go fist himself.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 0 months

Must be because of all the advertising disguised as news articles?

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