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Georgia teen girl sentenced for plotting to kill African Methodist churchgoers

Georgia teen girl sentenced for plotting to kill African Methodist churchgoers

A 17-year-old girl was sentenced to four years in juvenile detention for plotting to stab black churchgoers in north Georgia. The girl, who was 16 when she was arrested in 2019, pleaded guilty to attempted murder as part of a plea deal and was sentenced in Gainesville. She will be on probation for 10 years and stay at least 150 feet from any African Methodist Episcopal church during that period.

Mutatis 0 months

I am curious why she chose knives as her weapon of choice, as usually you only see that type of weapon in mass casualty events in countries where firearms are hard to get. Perhaps her age is the primary factor.

porcus 0 months

Wonder how a male would have been sentenced in this situation. In any event it is good they caught her before she could act on it.

808HIvibes 0 months

Typical Trump supporter...

Jon 0 months

More violence from the terroist and violent right wing evangelicals. Like the FBI said, right wing extremists and WS groups are the number 1 domestic threat.

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

Disgusting. Glad she was caught. Likely wouldn't do much damage. 16 year-old female with a knife is easily overpowered.

David 0 months

Non devisive headline would read "17 year old Georgia teen plans to kill churchgoers". No divide there. Must be tough for the media to stop labeling everyone

R3DK@ 0 months

WHAT???? She has to stay away from a single denomination of churches??? Ridiculous...

Doug 0 months

I'm surprised that white girl found any black people in Gainesville. That place is packed to the gills with illegal aliens working in the various poultry plants in the area.

Randy 0 months

Remember this when feminists try to tell you women are better at negotiation, and know how to make peace.

Outlaw 0 months

She was clearly brainwashed. They need an investigation into who influenced her.

Ryszmarine 0 months

Very light sentence.

frank 0 months

And whites have the gualls to say blacks have violent tendencies!

Indo 0 months

Too late. Teens are on the warpath. No more them being kids defense. Times they are a changing. And the answer my friend, is still very much "Blowing In The Wind ".

darkwingsmurf 0 months

I don’t get the charge of attempted murder if the attempt never happened...... Was she planning it looks like it but planning isn’t attempting it just seems like the wrong charge.

William 0 months

PS ... this confused kid ran her mouth and was convicted of the crime of wanting to kill now it's a crime to hate?.... might as well just sentence every democratic voter out there now because we all know that they hate Trump....oh wait till he gets reelected.... and yes he will, it's already been decided.

SimplyLogic 0 months

I find it interesting that so many support locking up a 16yr old girl, for a thought crime. Don't most teens write crazy shit in journals? I would say she should get psychological help, rather than locked in a cage. Seems our system needs more reform.

RayJoeBal 0 months

Juramentados? Most likely not hope that doesnt come to America

JoeSchmo 0 months


Omega 0 months

Makes you wonder what her parents are like.

Donald 0 months

Mk ultra

Top in U.S.