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40 cases of Delta Plus COVID variant discovered in India

40 cases of Delta Plus COVID variant discovered in India

The COVID-19 ’delta variant’ has come to dominate headlines as it begins to spread to more countries. Now a mutation of that variant has emerged, called ’delta plus,’ which is starting to worry global experts. The genetic sequence of Delta Plus suggests it may be even more contagious than the original Delta variant, and it shows an ability to outwit some of the body’s immune response.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 0 months

As before it will be racist to stop people travelling to and from India, which will bring the new variant to our countries. This can then be used by governments as an excuse to extend lockdowns.

Stefan 0 months

Didn’t know you can opt for an upgrade. Can I please order one delta plus platinum?

OrKos world
OrKos world 0 months

Well yeah they worship rats. So take the covid bio weapon and add a dash of the plague along with the rat infestation and you get a whole new disease.

BlunderingFool 0 months

Great, now we have the India+ variant.

Faittastic 0 months

How many syllables will be in the new name. Put your guesses below.

Phoenix 0 months

All this because of China conducting dangerous experiments.

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