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Hundreds of unmarked graves found at indigenous school in Canada

Hundreds of unmarked graves found at indigenous school in Canada

A First Nation in southern Saskatchewan discovered hundreds of unmarked graves at the site of another former residential school for Indigenous children. A statement from Cowessess First Nation and Federation of Sovereign Indigenous First Nations said that ’the number of unmarked graves will be the most significantly substantial to date in Canada.’ Last month the remains of 215 children were found.

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 0 months

Our gov in canada have and currently abuse our indigenous for an incredibly long time, they use them also as campaign promises.

Theo 0 months

215 children isn't something the senator's and governor's should over look, I hope this investigating uncovers the problems as well as the solution(s).

Mutatis 0 months

While I see nothing wrong with investigating the graves, it is a bit misleading in the manner that the existence of these mass graves are being framed as if they represent some inherent crime or travesty before anything is known.

Doug 0 months

Ironically, majority of sources are U.S., U.K. outlets.

Rhokanth 0 months

A lot of people from the US I think are unaware that the Canadian government would forcibly take native children from their families and placed into these schools to assimilate them. The abuse ranged from strangulation, leaving the kids outside in freezing temperature and even child suicide. Today, Canada has the worst reservations in the planet for being such a "developed" nation.

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