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France and Germany want EU summit with Putin

France and Germany want EU summit with Putin

France and Germany have suggested inviting Russian President Putin to a summit with the EU as part of a broader reset of the bloc’s relations with Russia. The proposal comes after US President Biden’s summit with Putin. Supporters of the idea argue that European leaders can deliver the same direct messages about Russian behavior while keeping the door open to compromise and cooperation.

Stefan 0 months

Yeah, EU is definitely better off speaking for themselves rather than having a senile puppet represent them and the free world.

coughdrop1989 0 months

Funny how this comes directly after russia used live amuntion to deter a UK boat in the black sea. Another fun fact live ammunition hasnt be used by Russia against any navy vessel since the cold war.

Darin 0 months

Yes. They need to change their tone with him. Quit blaming Russia for everything.

jon 0 months

That's a crystal-clear vote of no confidence in the capacity of the US to defend Europe against Russian aggression. Not good.

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