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China’s Xi Jinping targets US in Korean War commemoration

China’s Xi Jinping targets US in Korean War commemoration

Chinese President Xi Jinping lashed out at ’unilateralism, protectionism and extreme egoism’ targeting the US at an event to mark the 70th anniversary of China’s entry into the 1950–53 Korean War to support North Korea. China calls the conflict ’War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.’ A US-led UN coalition went to war against North Korea to prevent a communist takeover of the Korean peninsula.

Darth Tantrum
Darth Tantrum 0 months

Xinnie the Pooh is fighting to hold power despite the tightening of his grip. CCP infighting, covid-19, border tension, Taiwan's ascendance, Hong Kong's dismantling, pushing borders against 11 of it's 14 neighbors, etc etc etc. This is a thinly veiled act of desperation, the old jingoist push for unity against the common enemy. But... here's the problem.... the CCP has no morality, nuclear weapons, million man armies, a massive industrial base, a population conditioned to follow without questioning, and a well seeded cultural demonization of "The West" for grievances. This is going to get a lot more interesting.

Aaron 0 months

One need only compare North Korea to South Korea today, to see how things might have turned out...

Nicholas 0 months


C 0 months

Like I care what evil communists are doing in thier own country that they destroyed with their flawed ideological government.

Doug 0 months

Funny how Winnie the Flu Bear didn't talk about illegally seizing territory, forced organ harvesting, concentration camps, prison labor, and so much more.

Nytesaber 0 months

Xinnie the Pooh just salty 'cause he can't binge MASH anymore

Patrick 0 months

The "target" is on his head.

Steven 0 months

It's not surprising really is it? Didn't hear anything about Covid though? Again I use the same words; not surprising?

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

The red menace at it again.

Bennington 0 months

Kettle, meet pot

Rof 0 months

Dear God, thank you for exposing CCP lies. Amen

Dagelf 0 months

Their next virus will have a special sequence of DNA just for you.

Dagelf 0 months

For real? Then the rest of the world is going to be pretty screwed in 50 years from now... Because they will be the new imperialists.... And those criticizing themike they are now will be vastly outnumbered outgunned out thunk and pretty soon just... Eradicated by them. They won't bat an eyelid. The rest of the work is a joke to them. They've already divided it up like Europe did with Africa. Except they won't "spare the natives" or bother reeducating them.

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