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Trump vs Biden -  who won the presidential debate?

Trump vs Biden - who won the presidential debate?

The two candidates clashed over a number of issues, from alleged foreign financial entanglements, race relations to minimum wage to climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, all while moderator Kristen Welker proceeded over a largely orderly affair between the bitter rivals.

Orion Dakota
Orion Dakota 0 months

Trump mopped the floor all over with Biden this time around. Trump learned from his mistakes in the first debate and stepped up his game. Biden being completely incapable of adapting and learning recited the same memorized lies he spewed at the first debate completely unfazed by actual reality. Biden is by far the most swampy schmuck of a lifetime politician who was never interested in more than his own profit. Half a century in politics and his CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT was passing the 1994 crime bill he admits now was a mistake but did nothing about it from 08 to 16. He now claims he will fix it if he gets to be president and threw Obama and Democrats under the bus. What a joke...

Rof 0 months

Who built the cages Joe?

Aaron 0 months

Trump!!! All the way!!! He had Joe's dentures falling out .

EthelredUK 0 months

Biden won it by a country mile.. He was significantly more Presidential, eloquent and knowledgeable.. Trump on the other hand just behaved like a stupid, ignorant, impetulant child.. I've never seen a debate so clearly imbalanced.. It was like Biden was President and Trump the Republicans best attempt at challenging him.. I could see a future for the US as Biden spoke, rather than another 4 years of false promises, rants and bronzer that Trump would.. It's such an easy decision to make, I'm shocked many are even calling it close! I mean, seriously? Get that embarrassment of a fat, moronic oaf out of the WH and start getting some credibility back for your once great country..

Jim 0 months

If liberals are comfortable with Joe being president it’s time to forget them as serious critics of Trump, there is no real improvement. Joe lied every time he was pressured, he changed the subject when asked directly about everything and even denied backing The Green New Deal. Joe denied backing the deal but put AOC in charge of his environmental policy position. She authored the Green New Deal ! As far as N Korea and China goes, anybody care that Joe advocates for war with both ? He said he would stop N Korea’s nuclear program and Chinas aggressive posturing, along with our allies, what’s he going to do that Trump isn’t ? Joe gonna bomb them ?

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 0 months

Trump, even 39% of CNN viewers said he won (up from 28% from the first debate), 56% of those polled said they think Trump would handle the economy better (which reinforces the Gallup poll), ABCs polls show Trump won the debate even though there viewers are still voting Biden (90%). Polls suggest 6-10% of likely voters still don’t know who to vote for so even democrats acknowledging Trump won (to a degree) can only be good for his campaign. And these are left wing sources polling there left wing viewers.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Weakest answer ever......" We had a Republican Congress." Trump was able to get things done with a Democrat House.....that was IMPEACHING HIM!!! Tell me more about your first-world problems, Joe.

Aaron 0 months


Sweden 0 months

A farewell to Trump? He didnt make it really and maybe this was the last chance to hit Biden. Trump need to accelerate this last days!

Black jack
Black jack 0 months

It doesn't matter who won that useless debate. Joe Biden probably already has the votes to win and the election is 2 weeks away, lol. We need to start planning celebration parties for our next President. President Joe Biden!

Matt 0 months

Trump won by far and cemented his victory in the debate when he Biden admitted he's going to try to end the oil industry and put millions out of jobs

Andy 0 months

The mooks coming out of the woodwork defending Dear Leader. How did he win? By asking Joe why he didn't get things done? Imagine being so disconnected from reality that you can't figure out that policy priorities change over time. How about Trump with all three branches of government having a Republican majority for nearly his entire presidency failing to deliver on a single promise? Hillary isn't in jail. He built a net total of 5 miles of wall (after wasting billions of dollars on it in taxpayer money, not Mexico's), his "beautiful" healthcare plan is still an empty promise with no actual written plan (it'll be ready in two weeks guys just wait...), the "spy on my campaign" charges are completely bogus and not even Bill Barr, the most crooked AG that America has ever had, can pin charges down over it, need I go on? Every accusation is a confession. The master of projection, deflecting, and excuses.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 0 months

Not a competition. It was Trump. Far and Wide.

J 0 months

Euk...stick to European messes...nobody here cares what you think.

Seekster 0 months

Trump clearly won the debate. I really wish he had been like this in the first debate too.

tim 0 months

Definitely not the American people

Michael 0 months

Trump never answered the questions. He rambled on and said nothing but attacked Bidens character

Zayden 0 months

I personally believe Biden won this debate, he didn't lie and you could tell he was putting alot of thought into his arguments and rebuttals, meanwhile Trump was clearly lying about climate change. Either way America lost.

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