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China may not recognize British-issued Hong Kong passports

China may not recognize British-issued Hong Kong passports

China has said it may decide not to recognize British-issued passports for Hong Kong residents. Britain, in May, said it would allow holders of such passports the possibility of citizenship. The Chinese foreign ministry said that Britain had ’violated its promises’ and ’played up’ the issue of the British National (Overseas) passports. More than 300K of HK’s residents hold BNO passports.

Joe 0 months

China has been vocal about their desire for domination and power. An act like this should concern everyone as China begins to act on this desire. Historically, countries who act on ambitious, power hungry, world domination policies have started devastating world wars...

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 0 months

Naval carrier groups have a way of putting countries like this in their place. Too bad Britain is barely above token military status, and just like in the 90s, they'll fold, and the UN will continue to be nothing but a means of legitimizing communist sympathizers in western nations and totalitarian societies on the world stage.

Yashakur 0 months

F*ing cu *t hairs in Beijing give me high BP, every time I read about them trying to show the world that they have guts.. Spineless good for nothings are nothing but a virus to the human kind!

Ken 0 months

Let’s be frank, Britain invaded China and took Hong Kong by force because they wanted to sell OPIUM to China since their trade deficit was increasing so much. Now China wants to exercise national sovereignty and everyone thinks there is only one bad guy here...

Neves7561 0 months

All titles say "may" like it won't happen eventually...

Rave Biscuits
Rave Biscuits 0 months

Come on over, I'll get a round in.

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

I'm happy for them all to come here.

David Webb
David Webb 0 months

We don't want 1 million Chinese in the UK, we full long time.

Tombstone2K 0 months

Lol. Britain violated promises. What a joke

Arthur 0 months

All the country's in the world sould refuse Chinese passports until the ccp is disassembled and democracy installed ! Free China eliminate the ccp!

Don 0 months

Well, here we go. China trying to take the high ground. Laughable. A pox on BOTH their houses. If you want to see what Hong Kong did when the rich took off for Canada, check out the price of a suburban home in Vancouver, BC.

James 0 months

Perhaps Britain should respond in an equal manner and not recognize Chinese issued passports.

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