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Florida deputies to be stationed at five early voting sites

Florida deputies to be stationed at five early voting sites

Law enforcement officials in Florida are being assigned to five early voting sites, after two armed security guards outside a polling station sparked voter intimidation fears. The guards allegedly told officials that they had been hired by the Trump campaign to provide security for those campaigning on his behalf.

Mac 0 months

Either side should have a huge problem with a president hiring goons to intimidate voters, liberal or conservative this is gross behavior, its our freedom to vote that makes this country work. No one should have to feel afraid to cast a vote.

John W
John W 0 months

Antifa and BLM are not voter intimidation? Especially in Jewish communities. Will Anti-Semitism Undermine the Black Lives Matter Movement? Black Trump supporter's teeth knocked out by Antifa and BLM members at free speech rally, Twitter bans his account Man claiming to be 'real son of God' threatens Jewish men with knife, police say Larry Greene accused of pulling knife on yarmulke-wearing Jews leaving synagogue

Randall 0 months

As long as they're clearly marked and do not identify with any political party. Also, I didn't know that it was okay to campaign at the voting polls.

Jonathan 0 months

None of you brainiacs know what an anti fascist group is. Try looking into the French Underground during WW 2. Nothing here in the U.S. even resembles anything like that. The real problem is that working class whites have been marginalized and haven’t been helped because nobody is covering they get resentful that the media covering BLM. The only one speaking to the whites is Trump, and he doesn’t give a rip about white people that are working class or poor. All this coverage on trump and voter fraud is a non story.

Matt 0 months

Let me guess the same people that complained also complain about cops and support murderers, rapists and child abusers

Csaba 0 months

Ya, ya, ya. What ever!!

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