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Trump says Biden was ’very disrespectful’ towards Obama

Trump says Biden was ’very disrespectful’ towards Obama

President Donald Trump has called out former democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, as being ’very disrespectful’ to former President Obama. The comment was made after Biden, in the last presidential debate, remarked that the Obama administration’s immigration policy had made a mistake and that Biden intended to now be ’president of the United States, not vice president of the United States.’

alohapah 0 months

Disrespectful? Like breaking the unwritten rule of bad mouthing a former president during your term disrespectful? Or being hell bent to over turn every executive order and signed piece of legislation over the last 8 years regardless if it's beneficial to U.S. citizens, disrespectful? Just another case of typical Trump projection.

Vark 0 months

The spam comments below failed to read the article. Trump is playing on the words of bjdens criticism of trumps immigration policies. Thr joke therein is that if he insults trump, he is inheritly insulting Obama, who is responsible for setting up cages and mass deportations.

Andrew Ainslie
Andrew Ainslie 0 months

Are we sure this article is not from The Onion? You are trying to tell me Trump is actually defending Obama? Trump has been bad mouthing Obama ever since Obama appeared on the public stage. I have never been witness to such a sad, desperate and pathetic hypocritical reversal shit move ever! DESPERATE!!!🤪😂🤣🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

808HIvibes 0 months


michael 4 weeks

Hey trumpists, did trump promote a conspiracy theory that Obama was a secret kenyan? Did trump throw out the pandemic playbook that Obama gave him? Did trump support the policies that Obama put in place that led to the lowest unemployment rate of black Americans? Is trump trying to dismantle Obamacare without offering a replacement? Trump has absolutely no position to call anybody disrespectful of Obama.

John 4 weeks

Trump is in the news everyday not because he says anything intelligent it just shows his ignorance personally getting tired of his day to day bull

Deborah 4 weeks

Oh Vark but how he tries. The Orange Buffoon has attempted to erase Obama's presidency. It still didn't work, however Drumpf still tries.

Dagoberto 0 months

The only person he respects is Putin.

Down goes Frazier
Down goes Frazier 0 months

Ha. This from the guy that has tried to pin everything wrong in the county on Obama.

Joseph 0 months

And Trump disprespects everyone, so whats the point. Trumps words mean absolutely nothing now.

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