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Biden seeks to clarify oil remarks; GOP strengthens attack

Biden seeks to clarify oil remarks; GOP strengthens attack

Joe Biden’s remark that he would ’transition’ away from oil in the US in favor of renewable energy drew attention in the post-debate discussion. Texas Gov. Abbott said that Biden’s plan to ’outlaw oil’ would lay waste to the state’s economy, and result in eliminating nearly 430,000 jobs. Biden sought to clarify his comments, saying that ’we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels’ for ’a long time.’

Diddy 0 months

Leave TX and go to CA if you want your green energy utopias realized. I'm sick and tired of liberal Texans trashing on Texas and its industries. Go see how great things are in CA and you'll be running back.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 0 months

If only the Libs had brains enough to push for nuclear, they would have the greenest energy on the planet. Too bad they fear what they don't understand, which is science.

Moderate conservative
Moderate conservative 0 months

If only batteries didn't have 2 really dirty secrets. 1. Lithium mining leaves toxic sludge that can leak into the water and is highly dangerous. 2. Cobalt mining is responsible for growing numbers of forced child labour. Let's not get started on rare earth magnets

Husk 0 months

We have to give a blank check to the horse drawn buggy industry! otherwise we would lose all those horse training jobs, the buggy construction jobs, and the buggy driver jobs! It would be an economic disaster! Anyone remember when America invested in innovation?

Rachel 0 months

Yep, we'll be going back to the Obama days when mines were shut down & drilling for oil in the U.S. was halted. Get ready for no jobs again after the pandemic. Joe Biden for president will be a disaster!

Doug 0 months

How nice of Joe to clarify his intention of seriously damaging the US energy sector. OPEC and others are definitely happy about that, I'm sure.

Brian 0 months

Back pedaling as fast as he can! He’s made that statement several times. Once in a Democrat debate. It did not expose his weaknesses of a poor energy plan. Trump did that.

ProveTheVotes 0 months

Lol clarify his statements? That’s funny, he clarified it when he was asked during the debate then Trump asked him and he still said it, he’s not trying to clarify, his campaign is trying to remove the nails from his coffin

_tallman 0 months

HAHAHAHA this clown flips on every subject quicker than a leaf tumbling in the wind.... Why should anybody vote for someone like that? At least Trump is consistent... He's saying the same things he's been saying since the 90s

Bogdan Buda
Bogdan Buda 0 months

i am sure he does. But Texas will remember. goddam early votes. 😅

omni64 0 months

If we really want to move away from oil we have to move towards an industry that’s capable of doing so. I feel like we should be moving to nuclear energy and spend money on innovating that. Especially considering how effective France has been at producing energy with laughably low amounts of waste as a biproduct.

Linda 0 months

He said" take on the oil companies "SUBSIDIZIES" from the government, they never should have been subsidized in the first place, It is like giving our tax money away to have the oil companies donate it back for the republican parties reelection bids!!!!!!!

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 0 months

way to please neither side lol

Muzical 4 weeks

Too late, Creepy Joe. Every voter in TX and PA already heard you, and we know you don’t have the backbone to resist the likes of AOC.

Richard 4 weeks

Biden wants to ban fracking on federal lands, that's nearly 30% of the country!!! And most of our oil reserves!!! Fracking provides 67% of our natural gas(and 51% crude oil). Natural Gas provides for over half of our overall energy needs, and is the cleanest viable energy source for our country. Utility bills will soar and incomes will crash under Biden.

Christopher 0 months

Joe Biden’s key word is “transition” out of fracking. Jobs lost during the transition period would then lead to retraining to jobs related to non-fossil fuel as well as new jobs, which would help immensely with unemployment and at the same time reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. It’s a win-win plan for solving unemployment and saving the planet.

Dagoberto 0 months

We need to make a transition from fossil fuels to Green energy. If we don't, God's Earth will be too Toxic to sustain Human Life. Vote

Jean-Pascal 0 months

The USA isn't energy independent. Biden said he wouldn't stop oil production but insists on other options. I'm pretty sure Texas has quite more creativity than the usual stereotype. It will translate in jobs opportunities. 80% of all existing jobs will be transformed into something otherwise in the next 20 years.

Graven 0 months

To those that believe wind and solar is green no polluting energy and sustainable do some research. Solar panels require rare earth elements that creates large amounts of toxins to process, point in fact it is too toxic to produce in the usa and is made in china. Wind is so great killing migratory birds and large birds, not to mention all the greenhouse gases produced to make the concrete needed to hold the turbines upright. Plus all the epoxy laden blades non biodegradable filling up landfills.

Devin 0 months

Ots slavery all over again. The US survives on petrol and animal products. So they will prop up both even at the detriment of the world and its people.

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