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Here’s where Trump and Biden stand on climate change

Here’s where Trump and Biden stand on climate change

Joe Biden would cut fossil-fuel subsidies, while Donald Trump says U.S. carries an unfair climate-change burden compared with the rest of world. Biden wants to transition away from the oil industry with a $2 trillion plan to boost investments in clean energy.

Jim 0 months

It would kill the media to simply write Biden lies about fracking. They skirt it by summaries of each candidates positions. I don’t think Biden even knows what fracking is, the biggest environmental problem with it is not emissions it’s contamination of drinking water and earth movement ( which can collapse foundations miles away since fracking involves disruptive drilling at an angle ). So what the hell was Biden talking about when he said he will dedicate more money to studying how to capture fracking emissions ?

Cary Brown
Cary Brown 0 months

Clean energy is a myth. Wind turbines cause all sorts of pollution when they're being produced and transported. One study found it produced more pollution than coal fired power stations. We just have to keep on trying to get the best sources of energy we can and stop believing the fake environmentalists propaganda. Biden's way is insanity.

Kevin 0 months

Biden wants to put us back into the Paris Accords where we get our economy destroyed our hands get tied while China and India and others get to pollute to their hearts content the best thing Trump ever did was pull us out of this one side Accord the Democrats and Obama sold us out what else is new the Democratic Party will always stand with the enemies of the United States

Tiggs 0 months

So essentially, Joe Biden understands reality and has made a plan of transition; and Donald Trump does not have any understanding or comprehension at all not from beyond the end of his nose. We are at the beginning of the next revolution I am going for the man with a plan and an idea 💡 not for these Republicans reactionary politics 👎

michael 0 months

Trump doesn't have a position. Denial is not a valid position. 99% of climate studies agree. It's like denying cigarettes cause cancer, or claiming the earth is flat, or claiming that vaccines cause autism.

Indo 0 months

Climate change is a reality check. Its solutions are still on the drawing boards. So no amount of anything is gonna wake or make anything.

Rof 0 months

Climate change models have been notoriously unreliable. Yes temperatures have increased but it's nowhere near what the models predicted 10, 20 or 30 years ago. You'll notice that Al gore and Barack Obama bought beachfront properties. Berkshire Hathaway have not increased catastrophe insurance premiums due to climate change one iota over the last 20 years. Some say globalists want a global carbon tax to fund global non national entities like the UN. Realistically, co2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere. And technology has enabled the significant reductions in human emissions of co2 without the need of a carbon tax.

Steve 0 months

On a scale of 1 to 10 on causing environmental change, if the US is a 5 but china, Russia, and India are 8 or 9 then how is us blowing our last dime going to make a dent.

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

Trump: I gave $130 million to charity since 2005. Forbes: yeah well that is only a 7/8ths truth because some of that number comes from agreements not to develop plots of land, so it wasn't really charity. WaPo gave this statement 114 pinnochios and Snopes said it was contextually false, wow Trump that makes 10,374 false statements since your election, liar-in-chief is more like it.

Bastian 0 months

Nuclear is still the only clean Energy Source.

IvoryDove 0 months

"Investment" is what people with money do. "Expend" is what government does.

Private 0 months

The ONLY reason for climate change is the SOUTH ATLANTIC ANOMALIE. Google it and educate yourself if you think it's got to do with cow farts like AOC.

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