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Top Trump aide wants more nations to field asylum claims

Top Trump aide wants more nations to field asylum claims

Stephen Miller, a top aide to President Trump said that should Mr. Trump win a second term in office, a key priority would be to use agreements with governments in Central America as models to get countries around the world to field asylum claims from people seeking refuge in the US. The agreements would prevent ’asylum fraud, asylum shopping and asylum abuse on a global scale,’ Mr. Miller said.

Tom A
Tom A
porcus 0 months

Asylum is NOT the responsibility of the US. Never has been, never will be. For those who criticize the US for this stance then demonstrate your values by opening uour borders as wide as you proclaim the US should.

Doug 4 weeks

It really doesn't matter. The few countries that do field asylum claims aren't seeing much traffic because these migrants are only wanting to go to the US to get a bigger paycheck.

manus 4 weeks

Europe has to take in all the Latin refuges and Middle Eastern refuges, maybe America should stop with all they're wars if they don't want refuges

MIDESSA 0 months

Part of the burden of being the fattest country is everyone wants to come here, you know like your ancestors did. Better life n all.

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