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College student from Indiana fatally struck by a stray bullet in Brooklyn

College student from Indiana fatally struck by a stray bullet in Brooklyn

20 year old Ethan Williams, a college student from Indiana, was fatally shot by a stray bullet in Brooklyn. Mr. Williams was visiting friends in Bushwick when seven shots rang out, and he was subsequently hit in the chest. He was then rushed to Wyckoff Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. No information about a possible suspect has been released, and no arrests have been made yet either.

David 0 months

Sad, NYC did away with their undercover police units that focused on violent criminals. I guess they need social workers on the streets now to prevent tragedies like this.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 0 months

Edit: I can't find the issue below, I have tried to post this numerous times but still get the warning. White murders white, not news. Blap murbers blap, not news. Blap murders white, news but description of murderer suppressed. White murders blap, its race driven, white dude has a white hood in his pocket! Stop murdering black people! Blap lives matter (for this instance specifically).

Charlie 0 months

I hate the expression “stray bullet” - like it’s some kind of innocent lost puppy. Some PERSON killed this boy. Better to call it what it is “unknown gunman misses target and kills boy.”

TheOtherBiden 0 months

The crime rate in New York City is absolutely through the roof. Random attacks on people minding their business walking down the street seems to be commonplace. It's a shame, because only a year ago NYC had seen some of the lowest crime rates in history. A huge portion of that could be attributed to Paterson's leadership, and then Cuomo's leadership. These two actually did fairly well for the state of NY before the 'rona fiasco. Now, lockdowns are making people angry because they can't eat and lack of NYC police funding forced them to eliminate the undercover violent crimes task force. I cant help but think that those two things are contributing a great deal to the spike in violence we are seeing. Change the names and the same could be said for Chicago. A year ago their average income was way up and crime rates relatively down. Not anymore.

Red Lens
Red Lens 0 months

Probably came from one of the Burn Loot Murder group or one of the brown coats now dressed in all black.

William 0 months

If it was a black student would this crime be solved already??? Seriously... the shooter can't be white or it would be another hate crime caused by Trump

OmegaDMM 0 months

If only someone had adopted that bullet, it wouldn't have been a stray and gone for that person. 😥

ORANGE MAN 0 months

Ty blm!

Janice 0 months

Really awful ,the poor kid and his parents.

Got Truth
Got Truth 0 months

New Yorkers are getting the results of who they voted for. Maybe they should stop supporting Liberal Democrat governments.

William 0 months

White male killed, no public out cry ,does anyone care?

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