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Murkowski to confirm Barrett

Murkowski to confirm Barrett

Murkowski has confirmed that she would vote to confirm Barrett to supreme court, indicating basical unanimous support from Republicans and solidifying the route beyond challenge. Though her vote was not technically required, it does indicate solidarity in the Republican camp

Glen 0 months

Barrett is an exceptional appointment to the Supreme Court. Why wouldn't you vote for her confirmation.

Montgomery 0 months

Democrats be mad as hell because they won't be allowed to pass new socialist laws and fascist systems. Or will they pack courts, leading to a new normal where every new government packs to get their goals passed. Leading to 1000's of supreme justices and a broken system

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 0 months

God bless Lisa for putting aside her pride and voting for this extraordinary and perfect candidate to fill the court seat. God bless Lisa, and God bless Amy.

Jimmy 0 months

Can't you guys at least get the headline right?....That was quick! Thanks!

Rocket 0 months

She knows the backlash she will face by not confirming a highly qualified Justice for the Supreme Court because the only support left for 'Quid Pro' Joe are Leftist Lunatics. This is not a side any respectable person, especially a politician, wants to be associated with.

Tom 0 months

Wow .. that article by The Guardian was completely biased in every sentence .. pointing out that the Republicans have flipped from 4 years ago yet failing to mention that the Democrats also flipped is intellectual dishonesty .. that's political cheerleading disguised as news .. complete crap.

edwin 0 months

The writer from the guardian is kind of retarded. I guess he didn't realize that dems already undid the filibuster in all realistic terms with their "nuclear option".

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

Operation Enhanced Tenth Amendment is proceeding as planned.

Jon 0 months

It's nice to see our government operating as designed. After all these years, the wisdom and foresight of the founding fathers continues to astound.

Motorrr 0 months

Shocking how easily the American justice system can be broken - for years

Carlos 0 months

Of course they want her confirmed before the election

Michael 0 months

Ahh yes, A republican who can’t keep their word . . . Sounds bout right

david dindu
david dindu 0 months

We must respect a whaaman's right to choose

Seth 0 months

She probably realized she'd lose her election

Arthur 0 months

any story writen by Robert Riech is obviously biased therefore untrustworthy

Mark East
Mark East 0 months

Barrett fails to answer way too many questions

Mike 0 months

And the Handmaids tale begins.

John W
John W 0 months

this is why you do this before the election. They are actually somewhat responsive.

MIDESSA 0 months

There's still 10 more months to go just ask Garland.

Charles 0 months

And so it goes. We knew she would fold when Greg time came. The Pavlov bell ran and the dog salivated on command. Good going pooch.

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