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Clashed in Naples over COVID-19 restrictions

Clashed in Naples over COVID-19 restrictions

Protesters in Naples, Italy, opposed stricter COVID-19 measures clashing with police. Some threw smoke bombs and firecrackers in the centre of the city, to which police responded with tear gas. Regional President Vincenzo de Luca has called for a national lockdown to avoid a repeat of the casualties. Hundreds broke through a police cordon near the regional headquarters building late on Friday.

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

Naples police commissioner Alessandro Giuliano said "No conditions of discomfort, however humanly understandable, can in any way justify violence." OK think about that, what he basically said is that no matter what the government does to its people, they have no choice but to submit. This is an abhorrent way of thinking. People most certainly have a right to demonstrate against their government, with violence even, but the government has the right to protect itself.

C 0 months

So left burns everything everywhere, and we must make sure our propaganda type headline to make sure that we list that it's a right leaning organization without any proof. Way to go you communist hack who likes to post insightful stuff

IvoryDove 0 months

Note... If the "far right" are fascists who will use force to control what people think and do... And we see antifa use force to control what people think and do... Doesn't that either mean antifa is far right? Or does it mean that the labels are bu11shiiit?

__K__ 0 months

"The night skirmishes happened hours after a peaceful protest against Covid-19 restrictions took place in the Italian capital." Sounds more like AFA came in later with their usual "tactics".

Shakespeare 0 months

What do you mean, just a peaceful protest.

Tyler 0 months

I'm not sure political allegiances are the main issue here. People are becoming weary of the lockdown measures, it's been going on for a while now. The general population want their freedoms back, and who can blame them?

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