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Walmart to roll out low-cost Novolog

Walmart to roll out low-cost Novolog

Walmart has announced that they’re adopting Novo Nordisk’s Novolog insulin (generic name Insulin Aspart) under their ReliOn store brand at a reduced price. While other pharmacies retail a vial of Novolog at a cash price around $200, Walmart will be selling it at a cash price of $73 to start. Unlike their ReliOn line of Novolin insulins, Relion Novolog is not available over-the-counter at this time

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 weeks

Insulin costs a few dollars for pharmaceutical companies to produce, then they mark it up 1000%. It's pure greed. They could sell it for $20 and still make big profits.

dan 3 weeks

well as someone who bashes walmart a lot I have to tell them thank you on this 1, too bad it came too late for my father. I remember nurses and doctors would try to get me to force my dad to buy and take more insulin, I would tell them it's too expensive and I won't force him to do anything. a couple of times they tried to get me to force him into a nursing home, be careful of greedy doctors that use "scary" moments to line their pockets

O.T.Q.D 3 weeks

This is excellent news. Insulin is cheap to produce and marked up 400%. Come on Walmart, bring in the competition, good old capitalism.

Christian 2 weeks

Lol at the idea of "Great Value" insulin. Funny, but also, why not? Amazon will be doing this soon, count on that. The drug companies could use more competition.

Jackson 3 weeks

Capitalism at work, you get to choose whether you but the ultra expensive insulin, or the slightly less ultra expensive insulin

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 2 weeks

But Walmart bad?

Darin 3 weeks

Good for them!

Nickel 3 weeks

Walmart own co-branding of a national insulin come on Amazon your phone behind

Corn Pop【Bad Dude】
Corn Pop【Bad Dude】 1 weeks

They should put insulin in Mountain Dew

Indo 3 weeks

Wiw soon we can go a nearest store and vaccinate ourselves. Be cheap right ?

TheDadJokeGuy 3 weeks

This sounds great and all... But, maybe I'm just a little concerned because I know the people that frequent Walmart

Seekster 3 weeks

If it lowers the cost of insulin then I am in favor.

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Walmart to roll out low-cost Novolog

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