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Election could have the highest rate of voter turnout since 1908

Election could have the highest rate of voter turnout since 1908

As per data from US Elections Project, more than 57M Americans have already voted in the upcoming election. Experts suggest that based on this trend, a record 150M ballots, representing 65% of eligible voters, may emerge in the elections. This would be the highest voter turnout in over a century. Of about 52.6M returned mail ballots tracked, Democrats have sent in 44.8% and Republicans 25.5%.

Ryszmarine 0 months

Is it possible that Republicans, concerned about voter fraud, are waiting until the last moment to vote? As it would be more difficult to change the votes the later they are sent in.

Canna 0 months

It'll be interesting to see what happens after the election. I doubt either side will take the loss without a fight.

porcus 0 months

The articles do not mention anything about *who* voters are casting their ballots for, just their registered party affiliations. Not very useful information as anyone could tell that the turnout is going to be above average.

DarkDayz 0 months

I’ve voted and it was painless except for the many Americans there that do not listen to directions about mail in and absentee voting. It’s secure and safe. I was going to wait but I think the lines for in person voting on November 3rd are going to be ridiculously long. Americans need to get past the 20 second attention span effect please. It’s more than just a eye grabbing headline. The future of this country depends on it. Mask up, social distance and stay safe. GOOD LUCK!

Timothy 0 months

Here's a useful link on Elect Project

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