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Biden says his party created ’most extensive voter fraud organization’

Biden says his party created ’most extensive voter fraud organization’

Joe Biden committed another gaffe during an interview saying that his team has created ’the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.’ He was perhaps trying to refer to his campaign’s ’election protection program.’ Seizing upon the moment, Trump and the WH Press Secretary tweeted slamming the 77-year-old for his apparent slip of the tongue.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

How great would it be to have the video of his campaign staff having the first meeting after one of these "slips?" Maybe if we're lucky, SNL could do a skit.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 0 months

This poor, dümb old man; when will they release him from this cl0wn act?

Rational ific
Rational ific 0 months

If he's committing voter fraud, that's bad. If he's trying to prevent voter fraud, that's hypocritical because his side has been telling us for years that fraud doesn't happen in American elections. He is legitimizing what the other side has been saying for years... because it serves his purposes now.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 0 months

Says the quiet part loud.

Red Lens
Red Lens 0 months

The older he gets the harder it will be for him to lie.

bobby_5150 0 months

Joe, you should announce that you're starting an organization to commit the voter fraud.

Doug 0 months

Freudian slip.

Richard 0 months

It's clearly a gaffe on his part, but it's still true.

William 0 months

Yea another"alleged" gaff... just like the little girls he told"the bad news for them was he'd be back in four years to see them when they were older".... freaking creepy Joe

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

You know what he know, the thing. Come on, man! Corn Pop would understand.

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 0 months

That is one statement from Biden I have no problem believing, just because of all the attempts to change the rules Democrats do whenever they lose or they don't get their way.

Scubaman 0 months

Non story just a slip up. I think Giuliani got money from a company called fraud guarantee a year ago same kind of jokes. But people are going to run with it.

Matt 0 months

Joe is a milk-toast politician who got one bill passed in 1993, that he now disagrees with, and uses as a point of pride still 27 years later. He's not even nice, though he puts on a show. Just another throw-away leader.

Outlaw 0 months

Trump's tongue has never slipped! Ever!

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

Uh what

One US Man
One US Man 0 months

Cannot take anything this old man says as the truth.

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

If i were Xi or Putin i would be salivating buckets at the prospect of this semi-conscious old f0ol being put in charge of my enemies state.

David 0 months

Just Write-in: Vermin Supreme. He campaigned on "A free pony for every American". Who doesn't want a free pony? He actually finished 4th on the final ballot at the LNC.

Garthak 0 months

What was he supposed to have said?

Pryotra 0 months

I still don't see how he is eligible for the presidency when the president he served with is not. The wording of that is pretty clear in the Constitution. Also, at what point can we file suits for elder abuse against the DNC for forcing this candidate? I don't even like Joe, but no one deserves this.

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