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Australia protests Qatar airport’s exams of women passengers

Australia protests Qatar airport’s exams of women passengers

Australian officials have registered a protest over an incident where several female passengers, including 13 from the country, were subjected to ’invasive’ and ’humiliating’ internal exams at Qatar’s Doha airport. Canberra has demanded a report over the issue from Doha in a week. The step was reportedly taken by the airport authorities after a premature infant was found abandoned at the airport.

H 0 months

Wow that's terrible on both accounts. But you don't need an internal check for that. There's usually enough blood pouring out afterwards. And if that isn't obvious, walking as if you had a watermelon between your legs should help narrow searches. (No pun intended).

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 0 months

But "all cultures are equal".

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 0 months

Just curious: why would Australian women want to go to Qatar?

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