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Ancient Maya built sophisticated water filters

Ancient Maya built sophisticated water filters

Ancient Maya in the once-bustling city of Tikal built sophisticated water filters using natural materials they imported from miles away, according to new research. A multidisciplinary team of anthropologists and geographers identified quartz and zeolite, a crystalline compound consisting of silicon and aluminum, that created a natural molecular sieve. Both minerals are used in modern world.

Private 0 months

These places pre-date the Mayans. There's only records of Mayans occupying them. Logically, the Mayans must have killed the builders before squatting in them. #BuildTheWall

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

I'm willing to believe the original builders of these structures were considerably more advanced than we give them credit, and that a catastrophe set them back to zero, inheriting but not understanding the structures around them.

PappaOwl 0 months

What is the alumium and silicon. Sand? Aluminum silicate?

riheg 0 months

An extinct human species had an average IQ of about 149 which is genius level, one example was revered by the modern humans in the stone age and given a special burial. Many great things to discover

Joyce 0 months


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