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Disinfecting your phone during the COVID-19 pandemic

Disinfecting your phone during the COVID-19 pandemic

A 70/30 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water applied to a microfiber cloth will kill most of the germs and bacteria on any phone or peripheral equipment, which may be a source of infection. Any aggressive agents or abrasive material should be avoided. UV light cleaners add an additional layer of sanitation, although their effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus remains unproven.

Article V FTW
Article V FTW 0 months

Ask Hilary. She knows best how to make sure there's no "dirt" on her handheld devices. Good luck using them afterwards tho 🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨😆😆😆

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

Even they got that wrong. How in the world is the main stream media so completely useless? You do NOT use 50 50 isopropyl. Use 90 or higher. It evaporates immediately and is what we use to clean liquid damaged electronic parts in phone's and computers. Say you drop your phone in a toilet, the PCB and other parts can be put in an ultrasonic isopropyl bath for a minute, the ultrasonic waves displace any "water" (piss) and remove any particles. Dry the parts, reassemble... 80% recovery rate for most devices. Ask any Certified Technician.

Israel 0 months

Oh god... what a terrible article 😩

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

For all the people who thought putting their phones in the microwave turntable would get them extra steps, may I recommend using the dishwasher? If that doesn't get it all off, the garbage disposal will. Seriously, it's 2020. Who doesn't know how to clean their phones yet?

Chris 0 months

Of all things one may touch, why would mobile phones be anywhere neat top of the list. A mobile phone primarily is a personal item and presumes to be used most often by the one user. So what follows is based on not commonly sharing your mobile. Now if someone else has Covid is not going to handle your mobile. Secondly if you have Covid then your mobile being tainted with Covid is irrelevant because where others in the household are concerned your virus will have been transferred to handles everywhere, knobs and switches, table and worktops and crockery etc. So use bleach on handles, taps and in toilets and on bleach lightly diluted on all other handles several times a day. Mobile, nah!

Vark 0 months

It is crazy to see how many americans live with disgusting things such as never cleaning their hands or phones.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

@Article lmao

Darrell Vermilion
Darrell Vermilion 0 months

Use bleach. 😂

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 0 months

Everyone knows you need to sanitize in a pot of boiling water for ten minutes

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