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Putin rejects Trump’s criticism of Biden family business

Putin rejects Trump’s criticism of Biden family business

Weighing in the debate over Hunter Biden’s past business ties with Ukraine or Russia, President Vladimir Putin Sunday said that he saw nothing criminal in Hunter’s connections, indirectly rejecting Trump’s accusations that Biden and his son Hunter engaged in unethical practices in Ukraine. ’...I don’t see anything criminal about this, at least we don’t know anything about this (being criminal).’

MrLoseddos 4 weeks

Lol. Putin backing Bin Hiden! This just gets better and better. 😂😉

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 4 weeks

Wait I thought Putin was in working with Trump to help him and the Republicans

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 4 weeks

I wonder how the media will spin this one. It'll probably go like this, "Putin in move to appear to be against Trump, defends Bidens in a sneaky ploy to make voters think Russia is backing the Bidens to help sway polls for Trump".

Parker 4 weeks

This is pretty smart ngl, because now we have all these dumb pos in the comments with selective memory taking this as a cue that Biden must be in the pocket of Russia, when everyone else already agrees that they have interfered on behalf of trump in 2016 and trump never mentioned the bounties on American soldiers. Not to mention the fact that after multiple intelligence agencies from home and abroad concluded that Russia worked to interfere Trump went on global television and say, “He said he didn’t do it, i take him at his word.” And the fact that there have been multiple indictments of cabinet members, many of which have been directly connected to their relations with Russia, and the bipartisan republican led senate intelligence committee reviewed everything and confirmed their was collusion, but the sycophants online will see Putin will the name Biden in his mouth and stop there.

David 4 weeks

Heheh, rats are jumping ship. Even Putin is distancing himself from Trump now.

kells 4 weeks

And just like that the Democrats are siding with putan

david dindu
david dindu 4 weeks

Dang it Putin.... u went off script

Francisco d'Anconia
Francisco d'Anconia 4 weeks

Way to support the liberals Vlad;HEY, how do you feel about Hunter taking over the nickname "The Impaler?"

Angry_Face 4 weeks

Top anti Dems trolling from Putin lol

Andrew 4 weeks

Stirring the pot man. That's all he is doing with these comments.

Fair 4 weeks

This point, anything he says will be spun by conspiracy theorists on either side.

Nick 4 weeks

Like Putin would recognize anything criminal. :-)

Charles 4 weeks

Daddy spoke. Dumpster should listen.

Silva 4 weeks

The biggest threat to the world is Turkey and Erdogan’s aggressive world politics .. not Russia

ken taro
ken taro 4 weeks

russias anti america campaign has never been so easy.

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