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Tensions between EU and Turkey escalate over Erdogan comments

Tensions between EU and Turkey escalate over Erdogan comments

Tensions between the EU and Turkey have risen after Turkish President Erdogan questioned the mental state of his French counterpart. Several EU officials criticized Erdogan’s comments and the European Commission said Monday that Erdogan should change his approach if he does not want to derail the bloc’s attempts at renewed dialogue with Turkey. Turkey is the EU’s 5th largest trading partner.

Masha 0 months

Kick this madman out of NATO so we can teach him a lesson. And I'm sure Russia would gladly join in spanking the childish Erdogan.

Silva 0 months

How come he is still in NATO ? Why the world is so silent ? It is Erdogan’s mental state that should be in question here esp after his rhetoric with regards to the revival of the Ottoman Empire and other pan-Turkism nonsenses .. His hands have blood from Iraq , Syria, Libya and now with Armenia . Wake up NATO , he does not represent your values .

tema 2
tema 2 0 months

God bless our president erdogan and keep him safe and sound . Protect him and guide him and let him prevail upon all those mental cases.

Doug 0 months

Macron is a mutton head! Nanny nanny boo boo! I can't believe that the EU elite are in such a snit over this nonsense.

IvoryDove 0 months

Islam is a dissease.

Indo 0 months

When politicos take stands without proper weighings, things like this happen. Common folks can and will make such errors, not them.

tema 2
tema 2 0 months

That is hilarious ! I have never been more amused in my life. You are delusional hypocrites. For instance ,if your jesus was insulted . What would you do ? You will call it a free speech , wont you ? And there is a big difference between jesus and mohammed. Because mohammed's followers are ready to die for him . He is dearer to us than our fathers and mothers . He is the center of our religion. And to insult him is a blasphemy and whoever does it should dearly pay for it . I dont know why my dear president is so keen on joining EU union . I have never seen more devilish and vicious people assembled in one place. A infernal place with a still more wicked people. And erdogan is your medicine . For surely you have got a very trying disease. You either get cured of it or die because of it .

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