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Weekly US COVID-19 cases rise 24%; Deaths up 15%

Weekly US COVID-19 cases rise 24%; Deaths up 15%

The number of new COVID-19 cases in the US over the last week rose 24% to more than 485,000. The number of tests conducted during the same period rose 5.5%. Nationally, over 5,600 people died of the virus in the seven days ended Oct 25, up 15% from the prior week. Deaths more than doubled in seven states - Connecticut, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio and Wyoming.

Lev 0 months

Oh I know, let me guess, this has nothing to do with Trump, it's all the governors fault! Amirite? Let the misdirects and the deflections begin! We are about to hear some devastating arguments about how the death rate per capita is higher in certain states that are not Republican called. Go ahead, try it I dare you!

Jon 0 months

15 cases soon to be zero. Packed churches by Easter(maybe he meant Easter of 2022) It will go away in the summer I take no responsibility It will magically disappear Children are immune Meanwhile 225,000 dead. We are seeing more cases than ever and at a higher positivity rate, increasing death rates still at around 1,000 people PER DAY. Mark Meadows says, eh we are done worry about this.

Doug 0 months

So what? Trump has proven that Covid is losing its ability to kill now that new medical treatments are being used. Time to start picking up the pieces of these ill conceived lockdowns and move on while protecting the few that are truly vulnerable to this virus. The vaccine will be here soon.

Rocky 0 months

Amazingly still no sign of influenza!?! Can we all take a moment to remember the 60k per year that died from influenza up until covid killed it! I think I'll take a 15% increase in place of one of the most debilitating viruses in human history being wiped off the face of the planet miraculously. That is the most amazing news on a virus available right now and it is barely being reported. I wonder why?🤔

Glen 0 months

Media to ride this dead cow as long as they can. Next year we will shut down for the common cold.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Well now we know what Europe, Asia and Canada think. Anybody care what our own CDC has to say?

Burger 0 months

But we are rounding the corner!

NateTheNewt 0 months

Cant get over the picture. The guy is wearing safety glasses and an N95 mask as well as the biggest face shield I have ever seen

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