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98 ’murder hornets’ removed in Washington State by scientists

98 ’murder hornets’ removed in Washington State by scientists

The first nest of the so called ’murder hornets’ has been destroyed by workers of the Washington State Department of Agriculture. The workers did so without suffering any injuries or stings. The removal took place following the danger that these hornets pose to people with their lethal sting. 98 hornets were recovered from the nest with 13 being captured alive while 85 were killed.

Glen 0 months

Now if they could get rid of the worst killer virus, Jay the dictator Inslee.

sean 0 months

They knew exactly where the nest was way before they took it down, the only reason they waited was cause they wanted a camera crew there to stroke their ego's. SMH

Doug 0 months

Annoying, long-standing Android app but prevents marking as duplicate of Monday story

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