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Pelosi slams Trump for not agreeing to testing strategy

Pelosi slams Trump for not agreeing to testing strategy

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives slammed the administration of President Donald Trump on Monday after it declined to sign on to Democrats’ plan for a COVID-19 testing strategy. The move by the administration comes despite statements from Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary which indicated that there was an agreement.

Tom A
Tom A
Kyle 4 weeks

In my experience, those with certainty of anything in life are far more likely to be certainly disappointed.

Jeffery Wells
Jeffery Wells 4 weeks

My first thought on this was "WTF would Romney know?" The only retirement experience he has is from losing his own race, which only really tells you ONE way to not win. In general he is way less qualified than all of the analysts who got it wrong in 2016. I don't understand why anybody thinks his opinion is valuable.

Matt 4 weeks

And she refused to sign off on another stimulus even with her own party telling her to pretty sure I know which affects Americans more

Highlander 4 weeks

I can imagine Harris being seriously pissed off. She just got picked as VP despite being only of the worst qualified out of the entire field. She got her hopes up of holding the second highest office only to have Biden screw it all up. I bet she honestly thought he wouldn't last the full first term. Not only will she lose this, she will be seriously regretting giving up her Senate seat for nothing.

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