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DHS agencies prepare for civil unrest amid a contentious election

DHS agencies prepare for civil unrest amid a contentious election

Federal and local authorities are reportedly planning on preparing for large scale protests, with two of the DHS’s immigration enforcement agencies preparing for the possibility of more civil unrest amid a contentious election. The ICE has planned on putting personnel on standby in the run up to the election, and the Customs and Border Protection has been regularly training personnel.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 weeks

Unless you like the possibility of being harrassed, threatened, or beaten, would not plan any trips through downtown Portland for the first few days after the election.

Linda 4 weeks

Half of the problem was the militia, military and white superemist groups called to arms by impeached 45th, he is the violent dictator superspreader killing 225,000 people because of his inept people he put in charge more resently of the CDC!the first Doctors and pandemic people were knowledgeable!!!

TheOtherBiden 4 weeks

I mean at this point it's going to happen no matter what. Remember when Trump was elected and people rioted in DC? They thought Hillary was going to win. Their "shields" literally had Hillary's name crossed out with spray paint and Trump's name put over it. The people who riot are going to riot no matter who gets elected. It's just an excuse for them to break stuff.

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