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coughdrop1989 0 months

All jokes aside because I know noone cares about the super elite and wealthy. However you shouldnt be so quick to say boohoo, we dont care etc. These people employ ALOT of individuals, whose to say to compensate for the losses that they just dont "downsize" their companies? Then guess who will be boohooing, it'll be you. Just some food for thought.

Mutatis 0 months

There will be an article in two weeks crying about how billionaires are making too much money for the exact same reason.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 0 months

Since Bernie wanted to take 90% of “profit” should the government pay them 90% of their “losses”?

Indo 0 months

The commies like it that way !! And they sing, 'I may be a fool but I like it that way!' Do ya thinkz there be non commie others who do the same

flinx101 0 months

How odd, i didnt even notice as there is no real change to my portfolio. Just chugging along as usual.

ToddBundy 0 months


Pigdog5150 0 months

Oh dear. How sad. Nevermind.

Qyonge 0 months

A lot of investments were liquidified a lot more people are moving cash around, thats not all bad. Han

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