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WH spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany praised VP Biden as ’man of the people’ in 2015

WH spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany praised VP Biden as ’man of the people’ in 2015

In 2015, Kayleigh McEnany praised then-Vice President Joe Biden as ’funny and likable’ and a ’man of the people’ who resonates with ’middle class voters.’ She later became spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, Trump campaign and now White House press secretary. In those roles McEnany has been a relentless critic of Biden.

poopy 0 months

CNN is retarded. Even if she said that in 2015.... 5 years have passed, and ALOT has changed with Biden.... we learned how corrupt he really is.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 0 months

I remember Trump appearing on MTV and Home Alone 2 and Wrestling. He used to be a favourite of the people. Then he said he was going to drain the swamp. The Swamp has done their best to make everyone hate him.

Paul 0 months

If people want to be partisan, let's start with what VP candidate Harris said about Presidential candidate Biden just a few months ago at the Democrat debates ... or did everyone already forget? See how easy that was?

Jim 0 months

Who among us finds it hard to believe that in politics today’s enemies were yesterday’s friends. Bet your butt you can go back and find liberals who liked Trump, you know like Bill and Hillary. What did Hillary tell Trump ? Oh yeah it was ‘ one day you will be President’. Of course she was standing there with her hand out at the time

George 0 months

humans dance where the money is

Andrew 0 months

The trump people on this app are such shills. I’m embarrassed for them reading these comments

Jason 0 months

What?? You mean sometimes politicians and people in politics tell lies. Oh no, I had no idea. I need to go home and rethink everything I’ve ever learned over again and again. #notnews

Spartacus 0 months

Man of sniffing the people

Charles 0 months

Five years is a long time for a little head to hold a big thought.

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 0 months

Not a story.

Donald 0 months

Read ashley Biden's diary and you will see that Joe is despicable

Supreme 0 months

I use like cheesecake 5 years ago. Not sure how this news.

Kurt 0 months

TBH that is really disappointing if true. Biden has always been a lying, plagerizing, bum who hasn’t done a single good thing for this country in 47 years of public “service”.

IvoryDove 0 months

The media is in a "full court press" for Biden.

David Webb
David Webb 0 months

Haha man of the people

branypoo 0 months

Someone else who sold their soul.

Lame Name
Lame Name 0 months

It's called showing respect for someone in office even if you have differing values.

MrLoseddos 0 months

Rich! Biden works for Biden. pure and simple.

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