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US announces $2.4 billion weapon sale to Taiwan

US announces $2.4 billion weapon sale to Taiwan

The US has approved a $2.4B sale of 100 Harpoon coastal defense systems to Taiwan, a move expected to anger Beijing. This approval comes close on the heels of Washington’s $1B missile deal last week with the self-ruled island. The new deal involves 100 Harpoon Coastal Defense Systems (HCDS), which includes 400 RGM-84L-4 Harpoon Block II Surface Launched Missiles.

Doug 0 months

Aw, Winnie the Flu Bear looks mad. That Wolf Warrior diplomacy doesn't work so well with highly armed countries. Trump needs to decouple the US economy from China and void all US debt due to earlier unpaid Chinese debt.

Jerry 0 months

Back in the Clinton days, when the Clintons were building China to reach its goals. I was talking to a bank teller of Taiwanese origin. Once I mention that the Clinton's were giving China all that was needed to militarily take over Taiwan. She replied: No, peaceful take over. I wonder what the average Taiwanese thinks of military buildup.

Arthur 0 months

Screw China , free China eliminate the ccp!

ben 0 months

What a great moment for Taipei and Washington. So happy to see our President undoing the ridiculous "One China Policy" of the past. All nations are free and clear and can do business with any nation they chose...Adios CCP and Winnie the Pooh.

Lev 0 months

Hey trumpists pay attention! Here is proof that people on the left and center can be objective and say "good job President Trump" in moments like this. Further proof that you don't know the etymology of the pejorative term of TDS, and that Trump's opponents are not suffering from it.

William 0 months

China is coming..... they are not afraid... America will be deleted if The Bot named Biden is elected.... you can see the pitiful programing in the bots debates, or the poor wifit

Patrick 0 months

Also note a 32 billion dollar deal is on the table for AMD to purchase another company... We HAVE to protect our interests, unlike the liberal bend over and give it all away agenda it tries to endorse.

TheDadJokeGuy 0 months

Make sure they get themselves some of those new-fangled modular grenades. Forgot what they're called, but those things are sick

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

🎶 welcome to ancapistan 🎶

Seekster 0 months

Good. Show China that America is committed to protecting that island.

James 0 months

We have a right to do what we want and we have a right to sell our weapons to Taiwan to defend themselves from those jackals in China didn't care about the world they freaking sent that virus deliberately the poison the world will now this a****** is in big trouble let alone with us hey we're going to help Taiwan if they want to f****** intervene will blow their asses back to the Stone Age maybe that's what it needs. Country to get its ass blown back to the f****** Stone Age the military obliterated everything

Jon 0 months

But they have to be willing to USE them.

mickey 0 months

Yes because America the World's FireArm store 🤓Go Trump666.

Jackson 0 months

I think every American can come together in a hatred for the CCP

6Million$Mansplainer 0 months

Oh bother!

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