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Trump has list of top officials he’ll fire if he wins reelection

Trump has list of top officials he’ll fire if he wins reelection

The Axios reported Sunday that President Trump plans to immediately fire FBI Director Christopher Wray and also expects to replace CIA Director Gina Haspel and Defense Secretary Mark Esper, if he were to win the elections. The White House declined to comment on the issue. The WaPo reported last week that Trump had recently discussed firing Wray in conversations with White House advisers.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Once Flynn gets disentangled from "Judge" Sullivan's weird web of legal nonsense, would really like to see him named to a position vacated by one of these less than effective people. The question is: would Flynn accept the position?

PC Radical Centrist🔴🔵🟢🟡
PC Radical Centrist🔴🔵🟢🟡 0 months

Just viewing it from the outside, it seems reasonable for people to see Trump being the “bad guy” I mean firing members of the head intelligence agnecies (including the Pentagon) to get people that are pro-Trump in, is reasonably a cause for concern for the non-Trump supporters. Even though the president does have the power to do that. No I’m not defending the left before someone says I’m a leftist. I’m just saying it like I see it. If Dems did this list of firings, then I would get on them out too. The main argument is, the reasoning must be just for a reasonable person to agree with the firings and replacements. It should be based on merit not political.

Glen 0 months

All these people need to thank Hillary and Obama Hussain for their entanglement in one of the biggest lies in America's history. Russian collusion and Hillary's emails. They deserve to be fired.

John 0 months

Feds investigated trump for 2 yrs based on an utterly fabricated dossier (with full msm & big tech coverage 24/7) yet refuse to investigate a laptop full of evidence (photographic/video/email/sms) of hunter Biden’s crime spree that could tie the Biden’s to nuclear armed enemies. Good thing they got a hold of Hillary’s laptop. (Oh yeah...)

ben 0 months

100% his right as the President. You don't have to like it, but everyone who works at the WH is working at the Presidents privilege and it should be.

Jerry 0 months

Maybe some others will be put in jail, and some others prosecuted for treason. If treason does prosper, none dare call it treason.

Seekster 0 months

Good. Drain the swamp.

alvaro 0 months

It’s all he’s really good at.

Lev 0 months

Okay I'll bite, what's stopping him from firing them now?

Forsaken 0 months

this is not good for America. Trump is not good for America. if Trump gets elected for 4 more years we will become a putin style government

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

Terrifying steps closer to authoritarianism

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