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Texas child fatally shoots self at his third birthday party

Texas child fatally shoots self at his third birthday party

A three-year-old Texas boy has died after shooting himself with a handgun he found unattended during his own birthday party. Authorities said the child was enjoying the party with his family and friends in Porter, Texas, when adults heard a gunshot. The boy was rushed to a fire station where he died. Police said the boy had found a pistol that had fallen out of a relative’s pocket.

Kathy 0 months

Sad and unfortunate. Those adults need to be punished. Just buying a gun isn't enough. What was the moron adult doing with a gun at a kids birthday party Paranoid clowns

Frank 0 months

Sounds to me like someone should at least be charged with invo manslaughter

porcus 0 months

Tragic accident caused by improper storage of the handgun. Either keep it on your person in such situations or stored safely away from children. Seems like this guy is going to have immense regret hanging over him for the rest of his life, awful.

Lame Name
Lame Name 0 months

This is tragic. It happened to my neighbor. It's been almost 10 years and I still can hear her screams and her carrying his body into the middle of the street begging for help. The family was never the same. It was horrific. He husband was Border Patrol. His firearm was holstered and up high. He set it down for a second to use the batheoom. Who know what happened in those couple of minutes but it changed a family for a lifetime.

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

You can't carry a gun and be an expert. Train and use common sense. Carry in a holster, never remove your firearm unless for its for usage or storage. Practice the firearms safety laws and these tragedies will be avoided.

Doug 0 months

Buying a gun is only the first step. The simple fact that this person thought it was okay to attend a child's birthday party with a loaded gun carelessly placed in a pocket shows that this person needed some serious firearm education. Fortunately, the felony that they are about to be convicted of will make sure they will never legally own a gun ever again. Violating that restriction will lead to some serious prison time.

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