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UK to ban mobile networks from selling locked phones from next year

UK to ban mobile networks from selling locked phones from next year

The UK’s communications regulator Ofcom has announced that it will ban phone carriers from selling locked handsets from December 2021 to make it easier for people to switch providers. Already, many UK carriers sell unlocked handsets as standard, but some sell phones that need to be manually unlocked before users can switch to other networks. Unlocking a mobile costs around £10 ($13) in Britain.

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

Good. I never buy locked phones anyway.

John 0 months

Way to go UK!!! Now if we could just do that in the US.

Koolsee 0 months

This needs to happen here in the United States also..

Lev 0 months

About dahmn time!

Joaquin 0 months

Good and a bad thing I guess. Carriers typically do this to ensure you pay for your phone. I think of it as a secured loan. As long as you pay you don’t have to worry about anything and once it’s paid off you can have it unlocked. And move to whatever carrier you want. If they lose that ability then if I was in their shoes I’d increase rates or reduce promotional offers since the risk is higher that someone can just buy a phone from me and leave right after.

Dylan 0 months

Good. Fuck the providers

Arrow 0 months

The REAL thing to ban is repair gatekeeping. Devices being so insanely locked-off is why it's possible for a world to exist where it cost MORE to fix a phone through proper means than buy a new one. There is no reason new phones require suction devices to get inside. #RightToRepair.

Arrow 0 months

Wait! Are you saying they can actually... OWN the things they pay for?!? Haha jk they still sign agreement after agreement on the software-side. Nothing tech-related will ever be truly yours, not while term of use exist.

The_Almighty_Spoon 0 months

Nice. Feck O2 and the bare amount of effort that had to be put in to change providers. I do apologise if I don’t want to continue paying and inflated contract for an iPhone that is several generation behind.

Joseph 0 months

Wow awesome

Ryan 0 months

Or how about we let the free market regulate and not buy from providers who force us to buy locked phones?

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