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Hong Kong Police arrest 19-year-old activist looking to seek US asylum

Hong Kong Police arrest 19-year-old activist looking to seek US asylum

The HK police on Tuesday arrested a 19-year-old activist outside US consulate just when he was going to seek asylum. Tony Chung, was previously arrested in July under a national security law imposed on the city by China earlier this year. He was indicted of posting a message on social media about a new political party that urged for HK’s independence from China, although he has denied the same.

Ryan 0 months

This is horrific. The US is divided but we need to realize how blessed we are to have the freedom to speak our mind about a corrupt government.

C 0 months

OMG how dare someone wanting freedom! Shame! Communism is good! Freedom is bad! All evil communist regimes will fall. You will fall the same way you rose, by force. No one living under the thumb of the evil, never has worked before, never possibly will work in the future system wants to continue living that way I support all people who want freedom

Doug 0 months

Coming up next on Chinese Forced Organ Harvesting. The West should be ashamed of themselves for not kicking China to the curb and forcing China to either stop this nonsense or have their economy cease to exist.

8 2
8 2 0 months

Asylum is warranted. Asylum should be exclusively for those whose life and freedom are endangered because they have been espousing the greatness of the US (and US values of freedom, justice, and equality under the law) while attacking those who are apposed to the US. If this leads millions around the world 🌎 to support the US, stand for freedom, and stand against socialism, statism and all other forms of tyranny - - It would make the world a better place. I would gladly take in tens of millions of freedom loving patriots to defeat authoritarians around the world 🌍!!! In the past we have given asylum to those who hate the US and US values just because their is instability in their home country and they are to cowardly to stand up for freedom. That type should not be allowed in the US, they would not stand up for their country they won’t stand up for the US.

Drewfus 0 months

Because in our current form of capitalism, profits > morals. Who cares about freedom if you can make money off of their oppressed citizens. It’s sad. We should move to a more empathetic capitalist system that integrates morals.

Rof 0 months

Yet the NBA, Mark Cuban, LeBron James and corporates say nothing about HK

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