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USPS worker reportedly threw away dozens of absentee ballots

USPS worker reportedly threw away dozens of absentee ballots

30 year old DeShawn Bojgere, a resident of Louisville, Kentucky has been accused of having discarded 111 ballots from the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office. He reportedly deposited the mail at a construction site on Galene Drive in Louisville sometime between October 5 and October 15. He also allegedly got rid of 320 pieces of second class mail and 69 mixed class pieces of flat rate mail.

porcus 0 months

SO WEIRD how these articles keep popping up about USPS employees mistreating and discarding votes! Why, it is like a certain Orange God Emperor himself had warned the public that this was going to be an issue...

Seekster 0 months

Its ok guys. The news media told us that Trump is wrong about there being a high potential for fraud with mail in voting.

Matt H.
Matt H. 0 months

Voting by mail wouldn't be an issue if both the corrupt parties running this country would let them be.

Rocky 0 months

Mail placed back into the system, so there goes the Trumpets voter fraud cries, but they will anyway.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 0 months

But but, the Democrats said that Mail in Ballots were safe and secure... 😨😨

David 0 months

Interesting. Wonder why a federal employee would throw mail away?

david dindu
david dindu 0 months

He must be a russian

Jim 0 months

Come on libs tell us how secure our votes are

MrLoseddos 0 months

But.. there's no proof of voter fraud...

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