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christine hancock
christine hancock 0 months

You would think with Netflix bleeding subscribers that they wouldn't be on board with projects that have already been tried and failed. If pretty much no one wanted an Assassin's Creed movie, why does Netflix think their subscirbers want an Assassin's Creed series?

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 0 months

Whatever keeps them away from children

Matt 0 months

Wouldn't surprise me if they added in an underage love interest and they'll just be like "What? It was common back then."

Montgomery 0 months

If done correctly it can be really good. Going back to different times ... french revolution, rome, athens, pirates etc. and having a over arching quest that ties it all together... Will be good and expensive if done correctly

Fresh 0 months

Please no.

Eric 0 months

Oh they’re still trying hu?

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