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Supreme Court chambers previously used by Ginsburg to be used by Barrett

Supreme Court chambers previously used by Ginsburg to be used by Barrett

A court spokesperson reported on Tuesday that newly confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett will use the Supreme Court chambers which were formerly occupied by late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The court further said that Justice Ginsburg’s five law clerks are now working for Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Barrett became the nation’s newest Justice on Tuesday.

Tom A
Tom A
Jon 0 months

Yes, she's going to use the recently vacated chambers. Were we supposed to leave them empty and turn them into a museum? Recently vacated office space goes to the new employee.

GreenPartyFTW 0 months

The Democrats spent more effort and time stopping Bernie Sander's nomination than they did in stopping Amy Coney Barret's nomination. The Democratic Party is completely hypocritical.

Mike 0 months

What does Goldberg mean by we’ve been packing to court for decades? They’ve held the majority in the court for 90 years. They also filibustered in 2013 to pack the judicial courts. The same fill a buster that blew up in their face with ACB

Mikey Likes It
Mikey Likes It 0 months

ACB does not deserve to get RGB's chamber.... It would be unbearable to work in that "old people" smell.

Linda 0 months

Looks like Judge Robert is not very happy this women was fast tracked with so few cases and only two years of trial cases, republican plant for all the coronavirus lawsuits!!!!!!

IvoryDove 0 months

"Justice Barrett" - BIG PROMISE KEPT!!!

William Christian
William Christian 0 months

Once again, our constitutional republic is safe.. Until the Democrats try another end run around our Constitution..

ben 0 months

fumigate first, old people smell funny...

Jon 0 months

Fake news. They bulldoZe the building and build new chambers everytime a new person is seated everyone knows this.

David O'Doherty
David O'Doherty 0 months

How is this news?

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 0 months

That is one short dress to be sworn in!

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